Printing Policies

In compliance with the ICSUAM 5705.00Printing and Binding Orders, all university printing, copying, and related services are to be met by the campus Print Shop, “Stan Prints”, and not to be purchased off-campus using the campus Procurement Card (PCard) or reimbursed through the Direct Pay reimbursement process. If the Print Shop is unable to meet requested custom printing specifications, the Print Shop will submit quote requests to appropriate off-campus printers, which complies with the ICSUAM 5201.0Fair and Open Competition bid process.
For more information on first right of refusal or information regarding the printing and bidding processes, please go to the ICSUAM for more details

Printing Charges

Stan Prints (The Print Shop) is classified as an Internal Service and as such is required to operate through an Internal Service Fund. CSU Chancellor’s Executive Order 1000 states that Internal Service funds are to account for the financing of goods or services provided by a designated campus department or unit to other campus departments or units, on a cost-reimbursement basis. Internal Service Funds are established primarily to improve financial management of scarce campus resources.

Copyright Laws

Stan Prints (The Print Shop) complies with CSU Executive Order 999, Illegal Electronic File Sharing and Protection of Electronic Copyrighted Material, and Stanislaus State Office of Information Policy. If materials submitted for printing or copying are copyrighted, the appropriate approvals must be obtained prior to the Print Shop providing service.

Stan Prints (The Print Shop) will not accept orders for reproduction and sales of course packets. The Print Shop will defer these requests to the Campus Bookstore. The Bookstore contracts with a copyright service, which ensures that the University is complying with all applicable copyright and fair use laws.

Warrior Copies (Copy Program)

Campus colleges and departments utilize various types of copiers and printers to conduct their daily work. Purchasing and maintaining equipment, especially high volume multi-task equipment, is expensive. Warrior Copies by Stan Prints will provide and maintain copiers for use by campus colleges and departments. The college or department is charged for this service based on usage of the equipment. The service includes full equipment maintenance, ink/toner and staples (if used), as well as Letter (8.5” x 11”) sized copy paper.